IT Operations Analytics for Outage Prevention


Proactive detection of single-points-of-failure and misconfigurations across all IT infrastructure layers

How Predicative Analysis works

Monitoring/Managed IT Services


Proactive care to keep your system up and cut long-term costs.


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IT Security

It only takes one vulnerable host to infect an entire network. Yet according to research, 96 percent of the organizations we studied use at least one high-risk application.

BYOD Solutions

We offer unique BYOD solutions for education and enterprise customers. We have range of products and solutions that provide solutions from onBoarding to Wireless Implementation.

Professional Services

Our highly skilled engineers have expertise across many technologies allowing us to bring specialised configuration support to your implementation, rollout and project based activity.

Access Control

EKA also called Cyberlock is a Hybrid Access System (HAS). It combines the simplicity in operation of a conventional Master Key System with the flexibility and additional system features of cabled access control.

Free Meraki Access Point

Register for a Cisco Meraki  Webinar and receive a Free Meraki Access Point.

Free vSphere Resilience HealthCheck

The Free vSphere Resilience HealthCheck provides important insights on the resilience of your infrastructure.

Free Website Montoring

Let us Monitor your Company’s Website Connectivity and Performance for Free.

Free Vulnerability Scan

1 External IP Address scanned for Free and receive a Free report.

Collaboration with Leading industry vendors and partners

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