Lack of Cyber Awareness Increases Potential Risk

When employees lack knowledge about cyber threats and best practices, it opens the door for cybercriminals to infiltrate the business’s network, steal sensitive information, and cause significant financial and reputational damage.

Employee Negligence

Security is a team sport, it’s not just the responsibility of security and IT pros but requires all employees to understand the risks and how to avoid pitfalls.

Malicious Emails

Lack of education regarding how hackers and cyber criminals target individuals leaves employees vulnerable to clicking a link without realizing the impact.

Exposed Passwords

Until a business implements strong passwords and MFA, individual employee behavior increases the risk of unauthorized access to proprietary systems.

Cloud Risk Errors

Misunderstanding the balance of ease of use of cloud apps and the risks that apps can introduce, results in employees sacrificing security for productivity.

Professional Safety

Security awareness is not only about securing digital assets but also creating a work environment that protects the business and its employees.


New employees are unaware of business policies and security best practices, leaving them vulnerable to phishing or accidental sharing of sensitive information.

Level-Up Your Cyber Awareness with CRM 360


Real-time Alerts

Ensuring cybersecurity employee training is consistent and complete according to the company plan, CRM 360 notifies the admin of the training status across the company.



Based on business and industry standards, and compliance regulations, CRM 360 continuously recommends best practices of awareness training on relevant topics.


Customized Campaigns

Awareness campaign planning needs to be customizable along the lines of content, scheduling, and targeting specific users to align with business goals.

Phishing Simulations

By implementing phishing simulations, employees are exposed and taught to avoid the potential threats such as ransomware, malware, and social engineering.

Mandatory Evaluations

The impact of training can best be measured by adequate testing to evaluate how well employees absorbed the content.

Branding & Personalisation

Add your logo and company details to the user portal so that employees build trust with your brand while delivering an experience in their native language.

How Does Employee Cyber Awareness Work?


Curate and select relevant content from the CRM 360 library of cybersecurity awareness videos to build campaigns and train employees as required.


One size does not fit all when it comes to employee awareness, so CRM 360 empowers you to customize the training content to fit the needs of your specific users.


Segment users based on department and other criteria to ensure the right content reaches the right audience.


Scheduling assignments, communications and deadlines allows for flexibility to plan future campaigns or launch them immediately.


Launching the campaign typically starts via email or other communication methods but ensures that users are clear about their assignments and deadlines.