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Check the efficiency of your IT Server, Network and Wireless infrastructure with our Auditing and Healthcheck services


Core Services

IT Monitoring as Service

Managed IT Monitoring Service

Trinity offers experienced and affordable I.T. monitoring for all IT Infrastructure services. Trinity offers complete managed monitoring and alerting for Websites, Cloud Platforms (AWS, Azure etc),servers, switches, applications, and services.

IT Audit and Health Checks

Trinity IT will assess and report on the health of your specified IT infrastructure. These services focus on evaluating the correct implementation and operation of the infrastructure. Trinity IT will provide detailed findings and make practical recommendations for improving the efficiency of these solutions.

Professional Services

Trinity IT professional services team enable you to achieve the best outcomes from your IT infrastructure and resources. Trinity Professional IT Services serve as an extension to your IT team providing specialist skills when needed and supporting the day to day IT demands of your business.

IT Security Consulting Service

Trinity IT Security Consulting Services assess the vulnerability of your ICT environment, helping you protect information assets through a range of consulting services and security assessments.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Do not put your data at risk. You need a backup solution that provides both on-site data protection for high-performance backup and recovery of files, applications and complete systems, as well as a cloud backup function for outsourced disaster recovery. Secure your data and protect your existence

Software Development

Whether you need a standalone Windows application, Web application, mobile application, custom database, cross-platform development, or the creation of new software-based products or services, Trinity can develop software applications from the ground up or create custom plug-ins for existing packaged software.

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Free Vulnerability Scan

 1 External IP Address scanned for Free and receive a Free report.

Free Wi-Fi Network Assessment

Our Free Wi-Fi Network Assessment Program will validate your network’s performance.

Free Network Assessment

Our Free Servers, Desktops and Network Infrastructure Assessment will validate any potential issues.

Free vSphere Resilience HealthCheck

The free vSphere Resilience HealthCheck provides important insights on the resilience of your infrastructure.

BYOD Wireless Solution for Education

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