Securing the office door with current access technology is easy. But swipe cards aren’t practical for controlling access to remote assets. Like sub-stations, data centres or vending machines. They can’t lock down mobile assets, such as containers or laptops. And if you want to use them to secure unusual but important things like drug safes or gates, forget it.

Either the cost is prohibitive or it’s impossible to run the wiring. Master-Key systems offer a lock for just about anything, but no control over access. Auditing who’s been where is nearly impossible. And if you lose a key you either re-key the system (expensive!) or live with compromised security.
EKA finally breaks this either/or choice. EKA couples the master-key ability to put a lock on anything with the tight and trackable access control characteristics of swipe card systems. What’s more, EKA retrofits into any existing cylinder lock and integrates any existing access control system.
That’s why EKA truly is the next generation in access control – able to secure, control and audit any asset from the door, to remote or mobile assets.


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