Benifits of Managed Antivirus

benifits of managed antivirus

Let’s face it, technology, while essential, is becoming more and more difficult to manage. Many business owners struggle to ensure that all of their systems are not only functioning properly, but are also secure. One solution that many are turning to is the skills and support of an IT Partner or MSP. These technology partners offer a variety of managed services, including managed antivirus solutions that help keep systems secure. However, many business owners are not sure what a managed antivirus solution really is.

What is Managed Antivirus?

By now, most people are familiar with the term “antivirus”. They know that the majority of solutions are monthly or yearly subscriptions that they pay for. By signing up, the company that created the program will update the virus database, allowing the scanner to identify viruses during computer scans. This type of antivirus is often referred to as unmanaged, largely because the end user has the option to refuse to update, disable the scanner, or uninstall it. A managed antivirus solution is provided by an IT Partner or MSP. These technical experts take care of installing software on computers and other devices, then managing the solution. They will also ensure that scanners are updated and that scans are scheduled at a convenient time, thereby protecting computers. The best way to think of these solutions is that they are provided by a specific company that takes care of your computers and protects them from viruses.

IT Partners and MSPs have people with experience in deploying and managing anti-virus software remotely. They know how to interpret and/or deal with all the different warnings and log entries. They will maximize the effectiveness of your anti-virus processes, much more efficiently and thoroughly than any amateur. Even if you have in-house IT staff, you may want them to do more important things than respond to and analyze security alerts and logs. Additionally, a typical MSP is larger than a typical IT department, so you have more people to respond to faster, with more collective experience, intelligence, and resources on alerts and other issues. You can let your IT Partner or MSP manage the licensing process and/or reuse and install new versions as your workforce grows. It’s easier and faster that way, and MSPs tend to get licenses at a discount from their security software vendors.

The benefits of managed antivirus solutions
Organizations that choose to integrate with a managed antivirus solution typically see five key benefits.

1 – All systems will have the same level of security – With a managed Antivrus Solution, your IT partner or MSP will ensure software installation on all your systems. This means that the same program will be installed on your system and the anti-virus software will be updated to ensure that the system is protected against emerging security threats.


2 – Easier to manage – Managing your antivirus solution can be a daunting task, especially in large enterprises where different solutions may need to be used. By working with an IT partner or MSP, your antivirus solutions are managed by technical experts. It’s a great solution for business owners who aren’t too tech-savvy or busy IT departments.


3 – Solutions that can be inexpensive – Most managed antivirus solutions are offered as monthly plans in which companies pay per user. For some companies, this solution is more suitable per user than an unmanaged solution. This is especially true if you have a large number of users and need to purchase multiple licenses.


4 – Continuity Management – ​​With unmanaged solutions, many users turn off antivirus because it can slow down their computer or because they believe their usage habits don’t affect their security. secret. Managed antivirus solutions usually cannot be uninstalled or disabled, which means your system is always protected.


5 – Your devices are truly protected – Regardless of the security of your system and the measures you take to make sure malware doesn’t get through, there’s a high chance you’ll eventually get infected. When that happens, it can be difficult to completely remove the virus. IT Partners and MSPs are trained to do this quickly and efficiently and can often remove viruses completely, ensuring your system is truly secure.

If you are looking for a managed antivirus solution, contact us today as we may have the right solution for your business.