Free Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Our non-intrusive external surface scan evaluates your current security posture against ideal benchmarks, identifying risks and gaps.

Due to the lack of resources, expertise, time, and training, SMEs are often unaware of what is happening behind the scenes regarding their external exposure.

Our non-intrusive external surface scan will demonstrate the full extent of SMEs’ exposure across their digital footprint.

Discover External Risk Findings

We focus on the vast discovery of external risk findings across three categories: Application, Network & IT, and Compromised Credentials. Each main category is carefully subdivided into more than 15 unique sub-categories, creating an all-encompassing, intensive risk assessment framework.

Insights from External Surface Scan

Gain broader insight into external risk findings and details of your Organisation covering cyber exposure, assets, data vulnerabilities, and technologies that could be potentially exploited.


Possible Financial Loss

this data aims to estimate the potential financial loss that can occur based on the scan results, taking into account the industry, the findings, the size of the digital footprint (number of discovered assets), and the company’s size.

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