Bitdefender leads the way with MDR Foundations

Bitdefender Managed Detection and Response Foundations


In order to provide MDR capabilities specifically suited to managed service providers (MSPs) and customer organizations with limited resources, Bitdefender, a leader in global cybersecurity, has unveiled MDR Foundations, a new managed security service that offers continuous threat monitoring and response, intelligence-based threat hunting, and elite security experts. The solution improves internal security and IT teams’ capacity to close the cybersecurity skills gap and makes it possible for quicker threat identification and threat eradication, shorter dwell times for attackers, and more efficient security operations to increase cyber resilience.

MDR Foundations tackles crucial gaps in security coverage by delivering managed threat detection and remediation that is affordable, simple to adopt, and scales dependent on the company needs.” “By providing MSPs and their clients with affordable access to elite cybersecurity talent, the solution levels the playing field for all parties. By fusing cutting-edge technology with some of the most brilliant minds in security, Bitdefender offers our clients a potent solution that can track down and thwart cyberattacks at every stage.”

Solving security problems brought on by digital transformation and the shift to cloud systems is the aim of Bitdefender MDR Foundations. This increases the company’s current MDR Premium and MDR Enterprise product lines. The service is provided by the renowned Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security Enterprise. This technology integrates risk assessment and hardening. Aside from that, there are prevention measures, endpoint detection and response (EDR), cross-endpoint threat detection, and extended detection and mitigation (XDR) with sensors that reach beyond the endpoint.

MDR key benefits:

  • 24×7 threat monitoring, detection and response: In order to help customers prevent breaches, MDR Foundations offers environment hardening assistance. It then continuously scans for and removes threats including ransomware, zero-day exploits, phishing attempts, and others across endpoints, networks, and cloud environments. In the Bitdefender Security Operations Center (SOC), highly qualified security analysts oversee alert prioritization, threat analysis, recommendations, and response procedures.


  • Proactive human-led threat hunting: Advanced persistent threats (APTs) that are covertly residing in systems are actively sought out and eliminated by Bitdefender threat hunters, who also look into unusual behavior from both internal and external sources (users and applications) and take into account each customer’s industry, technological environment, and most likely threat actors. Threat hunts use the Bitdefender global network of millions of sensors and real-time threat data from Bitdefender Labs to help users make well-informed decisions. Bitdefender threat hunters are famous for having profound insights into cutting-edge adversarial strategies to quickly stop assaults. They have experiences in the military and law enforcement.


  • Improved security operations: Being prepared for threats and to fight back is possible with MDR Foundations. Major pain points including alert drowsiness, operating complicated tools, maintaining data compliance, and setting security procedures are significantly diminished or eliminated from the start. Customers may engage and chat with their Bitdefender team through a simple but loaded MDR site. This platform also allows customers to be able to check warnings, manage endpoints, and take prompted steps to manage or eliminate threats all from a single place.


  • Easy onboarding and service management: The majority of organizations can be up and operating in less than a day thanks to the automated and simple MDR Foundations onboarding procedure. Bitdefender gives MSP partners the option to sign up and manage numerous customers at once.

Gartner®, a business that provides executives and their teams with actionable, objective insight, highlighted the necessity of continuous monitoring in midsize environments in a recent report1 “Organizations cannot stop active monitoring of their environments at the end of the business day because 76% of ransomware deployments take place after business hours. The ability to promptly respond to and contain any security event depends on continuous monitoring.”

“Cybercriminals and sophisticated cyberattacks are no longer exclusive to big businesses, as they once were. Nowadays, data theft, espionage, and incapacitating ransomware assaults are threats to enterprises of all sizes. Organizations with smaller resources and security teams are discovering that safeguarding themselves and their end users is becoming more difficult as the threat landscape continues to change “said Daniel Clayton, vice president of Bitdefender’s worldwide security operations and services. “With a robust “always-on” detect and response solution that combines award-winning technology with elite security specialists and scalable on-demand, MDR Foundations is a significant step forward in inventing for this underserved sector to level the playing field. Our most recent MDR product illustrates our steadfast dedication to enhancing the cyber resilience of any company.”