netTerrain DCIM vs netTerrain Logical

I’m asked frequently about the variations between our product offerings as the senior consultant at Trinity IT Consulting. This post will compare and contrast our network mapping, diagram program (netTerrain Logical), data center, infrastructure management software (netTerrain DCIM).

netTerrain is Graphical Networks’ exclusive IT Visualization platform.


It’s a centralized and fully web-based program that runs on Windows Server (and requires a Microsoft SQL Server database license) is now used by hundreds of enterprises to document networks, data centers, and fiber plant infrastructures. Check out this netTerrain post to learn further about what it is and how it can benefit your company.

As a result, the netTerrain platform serves as the foundation for all our products. We then provide two sub-options (you must select one): Logical or DCIM. The license key you choose decides which set of functionality is activated (or off).

What are the differences between DCIM and Logical?

Simply put, netTerrain DCIM contains everything you can accomplish with netTerrain Logical plus three essential features that netTerrain Logical lacks:


There is a section for racks in the massive database of things. These racks snap into a grid layout, allowing you to visualize the racks based on space, power, and weight availability. You may also see both the front and back views of the racks and insert equipment on any side. You may also look at data center capacity analytics depending on rack use on netTerrain.

With netTerrain, creating and organizing racks is simple. Throughout the catalog, there are over 100 different racks you can select from it. In this case, if there is not a rack in this catalog you need, you can request it from our support staff, and we will provide you with this rack and image within 24 to 48 hours! You may even create your custom rack in netTerrain, giving you even more versatility.

Example: Inside Rack Views in netTerrain DCIM

Reports on the Dashboard:

As previously stated, you may make, alter, and examine dashboard reports with netTerrain DCIM. Asset Inventory, Data Center Capacity (by rack space, power, and weight), Capacity (by data center rooms), and Connectivity are among with ready-to-use reports included in dashboard reports.

You can modify and edit reports, and you can add as many as you like. You can export this list to.CSV by clicking on the region where you need to see a list of actual equipment.

rack capacity dcim
Example: Rack Capacity Dashboard in netTerrain DCIM

Work order tasks/management:

Change management is vital for keeping diagrams up to date. You can give tasks to users in netTerrain to keep track of changes made inside your data center rooms, telecom rooms, and even office area. Changes including, Adds/Moves/Changes/Deletions/ Installs can be tracked.

In addition to native work orders, netTerrain can link with your current ServiceNow app, allowing you to continue using ServiceNow’s change management processes (instead of creating multiple tasks where people need to approve the changes).

You may link a network device to a ServiceNow ticket using netTerrain’s integration: network engineers can instantly see where network devices are situated and help find and fix a problem quickly.

work orders in dcim software
Example: Work Order in netTerrain DCIM

Are Outside Plant and Discovery included?

It’s worth noting that either platform includes the NetTerrain Collector. NetTerrain’s network detection and API connectors, such as ServiceNow, Solarwinds Orion, and Spectrum, are housed in the Collector.

The optional netTerrain Outside Plant (OSP) add-on module (for fiber mapping and outside plant infrastructure): can be added to either netTerrain Logical or netTerrain DCIM to get you access to the dynamic, built-in Open Street Maps integration and the ability to check and make fiber strands for cable management.

Example: netTerrain OSP

The pricing:

netTerrain Logical and netTerrain DCIM have different prices. Determine whether you want racks, dashboard reports, or work orders before choosing between Logical and DCIM. If these features aren’t required, netTerrain Logical is the best option. netTerrain DCIM is a good alternative if you want them.

 I hope this has clarified the essential differences between netTerrain Logical and netTerrain DCIM.

To discover more about how netTerrain may assist you in resolving your IT issues. 

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