netTerrain Mobile App and More

Welcome to netTerrain 9.0, a new year and a new edition! The arrival of 9.0 marks the end of our single-digit major release cycle and the start of the 9.x series, also known as “Europe” (as you’ll note when you check in or look at the guide covers, which feature gorgeous landscapes from the continent).

If you’re a current 8.6 user, here’s a bulleted list of some of the more important items to consider:

1.1.1 New mobile app

Our first mobile app is now available for download. This program, which is available for download from the Google Play or Apple stores and is compatible with most Android and Apple smartphones, will assist you in performing some basic tasks. You may find the app by searching for ‘_netterrain’ or ‘netTerrain Graphical Networks’ on your phone and downloading it.

Any netTerrain user can use this software to document or map their network, maintain racks and cables in a DCIM environment, or perform fiber plant and OSP chores. With this first release, you can do the following:

  • Connect to any neTerrian server through the app
  • Search for nodes, links, devices, cards, ports, and other objects in your netTerrain environment.
  • Viewing an objects properties to inspect it
  • Edit object properties
  • Open a ticket with Zendesk support right from your phone.
  • Download our guides for reading
netTerrain  Mobile App 1

1.1.2 New drawing tool

After numerous requests, we now have the ability to add lines, multi-lines, and polygons without the usage of actual nodes or links.

You can now create a line or a path on any diagram, alter its qualities, and construct your own unrestricted polygon without linking it to end nodes.

drawing tool

This is useful in a variety of contexts, such as using polygons to designate distinct zones in a network diagram or adding a shape to a GIS-based graphic to emphasize the borders of a certain fiber network coverage area.

1.1.3 Composite view for racks

The ability to build a composite image of racks was another feature that was requested frequently and made it into version 9. This is a useful feature for DCIM users who want to compare multiple rack heights on a single diagram. This functionality also allows you to create cables between devices on multiple racks using a single schematic.

netterrain racks view

1.1.4 Global override for devices

We continue to develop capabilities to make real-time alarms and alerts easier as netTerrain and the Collector evolve into a full-fledged IT monitoring solution rather than just a network documentation tool. One such feature is the new global visual override for devices.

If you want to display a device in red if it’s alarmed, you don’t have to develop a visual override for each one anymore. Instead, you may create a global visual override that works across all devices and can be applied to a variety of criteria. This global override affects only the status field, which is the field that will be automatically mapped with the collector for real-time status updates if you’re utilizing our SNMP network discovery to report on device status.

1.1.5 Other features

This version also has a number of extra features, including the following (partial) list:

  • Work order enhancements for DCIM include: deletes now create tasks for link dependencies, easy copy/paste of link tasks, and more.
  • Only visible items are available in the new type table selection options.
  • A new button allows you to easily import an Excel spreadsheet from the menu.
  • Updated FIPS compliance, MFA improvements, and more are among the security enhancements.
  • Annotators may now manage documents that are associated to it.
  • Dragonfly wizard redesigned a good approach for new users to get started quickly.
  • The ability to open a node’s task list by double-clicking is very useful for DCIM work order administration.
  • Option to hide all layers for nodes type
  • Multiple containers now enable duplicate bend points for all features, which is ideal for fiber plant paths.
  • OSP users have been wanting this shortcut to get to the strand connections in swimlane CLR view for a long time.
  • And much more!


Please see the 9.0 release notes for a complete list of enhancements; they are available to any current customers on maintenance. If you’re looking for a list of feature enhancements for version 8.6 or earlier, you’ll have to go through our website’s newsletters and release notes, or simply ask us.

1.1.6 How to upgrade?

The manner you upgrade has changed as well! It’s now easier than ever to update directly from the program, rather than manually submitting a request, filing a ticket, and so on.

Go to the admin interface and seek for the “request software upgrade” button at the bottom while you’re logged in as an administrator.

We communicate upgrades through our site and email as usual, and we make them available (at no charge) to any customers who reply to our announcements while their accounts are under maintenance. If you have any problems or require assistance with the upgrading, please contact our support team via email or submit a ticket through the portal.

To discover more about how netTerrain DCIM may assist you in resolving your IT issues.

Please contact Trinity IT Consulting for further information or Sign up for free 14 Day Trial.

Happy documenting!