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Deploying the ultimate industry BYOD on campus with SecureW2

When it comes to network and wireless access, students will always take the path of least resistance. Universities already deploy some of the largest and most complex BYOD environments, and the glut of devices can often overwhelm IT resources. While it’s easy to blame the mobile revolution, the whole point of wireless has been to get connections in more places as easily as possible. SecureW2 is dedicated to making the easy options the best options, making networks more secure and users happier.


Onboarding devices for secure network access couldn’t be simpler. Automate the process and give users and your IT staff a better experience.


Software that enhances Wi-Fi and network security but users perceive as non-intrusive. Quality engineering that respects user privacy from the best minds in the business.


Working alongside MDM, not against, to create simple network connectivity. Our emphasis is not on controlling devices, but enabling them for secure network services.


Technology is made for people, not the other way around. We offer network security that your users will actually adopt. Gone is the notion that security and user experience have to be mutually exclusive.


Our products have been independently tested and certified to meet the strictest standards established by RSA, Microsoft, and others. Our solutions are trusted across the industry, from schools and universities to Fortune 15 companies.


Extend the power and features of your existing network hardware investment. No forklift upgrades needed; just drop in our lightweight software. With connections into wide array of networking vendors across the industry, we can make your job easier.

JoinNow Suite

Automate the onboarding process. Save time and reduce risk.

Our flagship product has won accolades across industries for streamlining the process of getting users onto 802.1X networks. No BYOD network is complete without it.

JoinNow Suite is delivered and implemented in Partnership with



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