Thinking of Replacing Visio Network Diagrams ?

Change is difficult. I understand why most of the individuals don’t want to make changes, whether it’s continuing in the same job even if you don’t like it: waking up at the same time, dining at the same places, or for IT Engineers, hopefully updating their network diagrams using a mix of Spreadsheets and Visio software diagrams.

After all, we are creatures of habit. We all have demanding professions, and managing network is no easy job for network engineers. It is a living, breathing IT environment that is constantly changing: capacity planning, making modifications (for example, adding or removing hardware), managing cabling, ensuring network uptime, and much more.

 So, where do upgrading network diagrams fit into all of this?

Honestly, this isn’t a top priority regularly (I hear this from the uncountable engineers I speak to). However, spreadsheets and Visio diagrams are too time-consuming to update and remain outdated.

Are you ready to say goodbye to Visio? Do you believe you require network diagram software but are you’re not sure how to present your case to your boss?

So, here are my top three reasons (based on my many years of interacting with network engineers both before and after they switched to network diagram software).

logical network diagram
  1. By Using Network Diagram Software Eliminate Guesswork: 

Let me ask you a question: do you have trouble determining when a Visio diagram was last updated? Do you have tens even hundreds of Visio diagrams: developed by different people in your organization? Do they contain updated information?

If so, congratulations! You’ve entered the elite group of people who genuinely update their Visio and spreadsheets regularly. Maybe you should quit reading right now.

But the majority of us continue reading. Organizations require a way to access information about their network, not a dowser (sorry) but a method they can rely on this. After all, current network maps help to avoid guesswork.

A simple example of how network diagram software can help organizations is netTerrain’s Collector, which included standard with both Logical and DCIM versions of software. It keeps the organization’s network diagrams up-to-date with no guesswork.

With netTerrain’s network discovery uses SNMP to discover devices and connections — down to the port level. With netTerrain it has the ability to invent, utilizing CDP and LLDP

Once the discovery is complete, you can easily view the network topology maps in netTerrain using a web browser. You may utilize this network data to reduce downtime, plan and manage network capacity, avoid wasteful new equipment purchases, and save money.

  1. Find Information Fast with Network Diagram Software: 

netTerrain provides a centralized approach for your network group to view network diagrams, rather than going through several Visio diagrams and choosing is the most correct while also trying to tie the Visio diagram with the proper spreadsheet.

netTerrain makes it easy to find information in many ways, including IP address, MAC address, and any data field. netTerrain also contains a lucky feeling search, a multi-criteria search, and reports. Getting information fast reduces troubleshooting time.

  1. Keeping Employee Knowledge with Network Diagram Software:

I’ve heard that the network’s administrator resigned or left the organization, and no one knows how the network starts or how it runs.

It is one of the primary reasons why companies purchase netTerrain. Many long-term networkers are leaving, and organizations want to keep what’s in their heads and start documenting in netTerrain.

Employee churn is not an issue with netTerrain. Rather than having all the network information stored in Bob’s head, you now have a single location where you can access all of it.

Bottom line:

I hope the three reasons above have helped you or your manager see the value of having up-to-date network diagrams saved in a centralized location. You may improve your organization’s network efficiency and manage easily with network diagram software like netTerrain.

To discover more about how netTerrain may assist you in resolving your IT issues.

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