What Is Automatic Network Diagram Software?

What Problem Does It Resolve?

What Should You Inquire?

I bet that you’re probably curious about automatic network diagram software, or perhaps you believe you require it or both, perhaps? This article will explain what automatic network diagram software is and how to assess whether or not it is a good investment for your company.

What is Automatic Network Diagram Software, and how does it work?

Automatic network diagram software combines the strength of a drawing tool with the power of intuitive network discovery software to give you the best of both worlds:

Automated network diagram software can automatically find known and unknown network devices, with network information on how the devices are connected.

The Influence of a Drawing Tool:

You’ll need updated schematics that reflect the current condition of the network, which is where automation comes in. However, detailed network documentation and diagrams are required, ranging from global macro-level views to micro-level perspectives, such as at the port level.

Automatic network diagram software scans the network, and generates beautiful network diagrams that reflect the current status of the network. With just a few clicks, you can drill down to the port level, discover what’s connected to gain actionable insights on the fly.

Which issues can you solve with the help of automatic network diagram software?

Finding an automatic network discovery tool might be a difficult chore, right? A fast Google search yields many possibilities and attempting to locate one that will produce the ROI you require can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack.

To choose which software solution you require, begin by identifying the issues you want this software to assist you in resolving.

Check over the list below to see if any of the items on it are ones you’re trying to solve.

  • Via network discovery, you can get a list of all unknown and known network devices.
  • What is the method of connecting the network devices?
  • The ability to view the programs that have been installed on the servers.
  • When a device goes offline, it shows the alert status in the network maps.
  • Is it possible to view network topology maps on a webpage and export them to Visio?
  • IT Asset Management (ITAM) capabilities include entering information about the network device, such as if it is under warranty, how much it costs, whether it requires maintenance, and so on.
  • The ability to show known and unknown network devices on a network topology and physical network map, and also to be seen inside a data center or comms room.

What to Look for in an Automatic Network Diagram Solution:

A rich automatic network diagram software can solve all the concerns above.

Let’s dig a little further and examine the bullet points above in greater depth as well as a list of questions to ask potential software vendors while evaluating solutions.

  1. Do you require to use network discovery protocols to produce network topology diagrams that show all network devices?

The use of network topology maps created by automatic discovery is critical.

“How do you discover the network?” is an intelligent question to ask your potential vendor.

“Does an agent or network probe have to be installed on each device to discover them?” for example. Do you rely on networking protocols like SNMP, which requires SNMP to be enabled in each piece of equipment for it to be discoverable?”

What about management-style reports on what you’ve found?

“Are there any reports that may be presented to management following discovery, such as a list of all network devices?”

Why don’t you use your existing Visio diagrams?

“Can the diagrams be exported to Visio?” for example.

Do you want to be notified when something happens in the network?

“Does it have an alerts and alarm statuses when device goes offline, and how often can you poll the network?” inquires the customer.

  1. Do you need to determine how your network devices are linked?

Perhaps you’ve discovered a method for discovering the network. That’s fantastic, but what if you need to figure out who you’re connected to?

“Could you show me all of the connections that a particular switch has?”

As part of network discovery, SNMP, CDP and LLDP discovery can detect Layer 2.

If this is crucial to you, the network diagram software you choose should allow you to drill down to the port level to examine the actual connection and display items such as from and to MAC addresses, IP addresses, and ports.

NetTerrain, for example, provides extensive visualizations of connections.

Software such as netTerrain gives you detailed views of connections
  1. Will you need to find out about your virtual, cloud, or stand-alone applications?

Do you need to find applications? This could be crucial for your company.

“How can a network discovery solution find these?” you might wonder. Is the discovery done through the WMI protocol or REST APIs if no agents are required?”

Software such as netTerrain can give you detailed views of your applications
  1. Do you want to customize your network devices using your data?

The option to add any new data fields, such as cost, warranty, owners, and customer names, aids in IT Asset Management by allowing your finance team to keep track of products.

“Can I add extra items for each network device?” you might wonder.

Check to see if the software allows you to add extra data fields.

  1. Do you require diagrams that are adaptable and responsive?

Do you require adaptable diagrams that display the perspectives that you need?

“Is it possible to change the diagrams so that we can view my network device on a network topology map and inside a data center room?”

You might find it helpful to be able to manipulate diagrams as needed. Why?

This can help with DC and Communications Rack space availability and give your network engineers a glance at which rack/cabinet diagrams the network device is.

To summarize, automatic network diagram software (such as netTerrain) allows you to do more than just view what’s on your network: it also allows you to discover, maintain, and administer it. It’s become an essential IT component for many firms that employ this type of software. Network automation, combined with the ability to customize documentation to your goals, can help you improve asset management, costs, capacity planning, and search time, resulting in less downtime and troubleshooting.

Would you like to try out netTerrain, our automatic network diagram software, for free? You can contact us for a fast discovery call (no sales tactics, we ask if you have any questions, discuss the free trial, and we will get you set up).