Cloud-Managed Networking: 5 Reasons to Choose Managed Meraki in the Post-Pandemic Era

Meraki Cloud Managed Networking

The current COVID-19 pandemic is not only the biggest factor facilitating the adoption of work from home but is also one of the biggest factors increasing the need for cloud connectivity while making today’s cyberspace more hostile. Cybercriminals are now using pandemic-themed scams and digital attacks to target businesses and unsuspecting users. Experts report a staggering 400% increase in cybersecurity breaches while recording 4,000 digital attack attempts per day – all thanks to the pandemic.

On the other hand, organizations are also struggling to meet the increased need for cloud networking and security. In today’s hostile cyberspace maintaining the security, efficiency, and performance of cloud networks is no easy task for businesses. Luckily, industry leaders such as Meraki offers powerful cloud-managed networking solutions for businesses looking to secure their cloud or wireless networks while increasing overall network performance and efficiency.


Security lessons learned from the pandemic

It’s been a year since the pandemic shook the world, making remote working the new normal and presenting security experts with a host of new and increased security challenges to deal with. Sudden lockdowns, stay-at-home orders, disturbed economic operations, and other pandemic-influenced factors left both businesses and average technology users unprepared against the surge of remote cybersecurity risks. Companies that never implemented remote working business strategies were forced to change their business dynamics to assure business continuity. As both remote workers and companies struggled to maintain digital security and well-being, many fell prey to the sophisticated cybercriminals’ modern cyberattack vectors. Statistics reveal that a colossal 16 billion records were exfiltrated just last year.  Fast forward to today, the situation has gotten only worse. Intensity, damage capabilities, and the number of cyberattacks have increased out of proportion, making cybersecurity again the highest priority of business and security experts.

However, this past year has been highly educational for the security professionals and companies as they get to assess how well their cybersecurity infrastructure and digital security solutions really are. And the results can be encapsulated in the fact that despite the heavy investments made by businesses to improve their state of cybersecurity, as high as 80% of IT and security professionals report not having acceptable security protection measures to tackle modern security threats. While the security breach cases last year spiked to over 1923 cases, exposing nearly 37 billion records and affecting more than 155.8 million individuals there is certainly a critical demand for effective cloud-managed networking solution vendors such as Meraki. Meraki is a cloud-managed IT company owned and managed by Cisco Meraki offers a plethora of wireless network security, management, and efficiency solutions to help your business cope with the rising need for cloud security and connectivity. Here are the top 5 reasons to choose managed Meraki in the post-pandemic era.


1- Higher Security

Remote workers pose a substantial threat to organizational security. From negligence in the implementation of remote working policies and making poor choices while handling organizational data to connecting with organizational networks from unsafe internet connections, remote workers can expose your business networks to a host of security threats. Meraki offers easily deployable and fully integrated wireless security features suitable for all types and sizes of businesses. Security solutions offered by Meraki can help you defend your business against a wide range of cloud security threats.


2- Less Operating Costs

Many businesses invested heavily in cloud computing to be a part of digital reform during the pandemic. This digitalization reform means substantial investments in the development, management, maintenance, and security of digital workplaces for many businesses. All of such reforms mean more budget cuts from the organizational profits. If you aim to lower the operating costs of your business, you can certainly benefit from no pre-staging required Meraki’s zero-touch cloud provisioning.


3- Maximum Scalability

The shifting dynamics of today’s digital economy require swift transformation from traditional networking models to the adoption of hybrid cloud business models. Shifting business to the cloud and continuous scalability has become necessary for businesses to sustain and remain profitable today. Meraki offers on-demand scalability capabilities tailored according to the networking and security requirements of different types and sizes of business. You can leverage Meraki network scalability solutions to extend your organizational wireless networks without suffering from budget stress or overload.


4- Simple and easy to use

Cisco Meraki offers ease of deployment and usage in every aspect of your network security. Meraki offers effortless installation, usage, and management of network – eliminating complexities and mistakes. You can monitor your full organizational network under a single panel with a range of networking features under your fingertips. With a user-friendly interface and easy-to-use dashboard integrated with a host of management tools, you can save valuable time in network management that will ultimately increase your network efficiency and performance.


5- Future-Proofing

Cybersecurity is a dynamic industry. Cybersecurity threats facing businesses today will likely evolve in the incoming future. To cope with the emerging security risks, businesses must invest in security solutions that offer promising defense against modern security threats. The demand for cloud or wireless networking is only going to increase in the future and the best chance for your organization to survive the digital transformation is to adopt the new normal of remote connectivity while preparing for future networking, scalability, and security challenges. You can leverage Meraki enterprise-grade networking solutions to simplify, speed up, secure and future-proof your networking infrastructure.